Legal BooksThe principal service that a Patent Attorney offers is the obtaining of Intellectual Property (IP) rights such as patents and trade marks on behalf of clients, whether established businesses, new start-ups or private individuals. A Patent Attorney can advise on the protection that is available, the likely costs, and the time-frame for obtaining such rights.

All Patent Attorneys also deal with legal transactions that arise from IP rights, such as the assignment or licensing of, for example, patents. Any contracts involving the transfer of rights between two or more parties need to be drafted with due care and attention, and are best handled by an experienced IP professional.

The existence of IP rights also raises the question of infringement of such rights, whether the infringement is accidental or otherwise. Whenever any commercial enterprise launches a new product or service, there is the possibility of infringement of third party rights. Infringement searches may need to be carried out in advance of any launch. All Patent Attorneys are experienced in dealing with issues that arise in this area.

As an experienced Patent Attorney my role is to advise my clients on any IP matter that arises. If you, as a potential new client, wish to discuss any matter with me, then please telephone me at my Milton Keynes office, and I will be pleased to help you.